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There are several different kinds of insulation including wool, cellulose, polystyrene, and urethane foam. The insulation can be either in spray form, blown-in, or bats. The kinds of insulations that work best may vary according to several factors, including the weather of your geographical area. Every type of insulation has a different use. For example, thermal insulation warms or cools a building by reducing the rate of heat transfer. As its name implies, acoustic insulation filters noise between different rooms and floors of your home. Reflective foil and vapor barrier insulation help protect your home from outside elements such as rain, moisture, dust, or wind. This type of barrier is especially useful during colder months, as it can stop damaging moisture from entering your walls and becoming mildew. But what's the right kind of insulation for you? Contact us:  insulation contractor Rockford IL for energy-efficient insulation and learn more about how you can save money through insulation.

Where to put insulation in your home. 

Insulation should be added in many different areas.
The simple rule of thumb to follow is to insulate components that are adjacent to the outside or intentionally unheated areas. 

1. In unfinished attic spaces, insulate between and over the floor joists to seal off living spaces below.*
- attic access door

2. In finished attic rooms with or without dormer, insulate:
- between the studs of "knee" walls;
- between the studs and rafters of exterior walls and roof;
- ceilings with cold spaces above;
- extend insulation into joist space to reduce air flows.

3. All exterior walls, including:
- walls between living spaces and unheated garages, shed roofs, or storage areas;
- walls above ground level; 3C foundation walls in heated basements, full wall either interior or exterior.

4. Floors above cold spaces, such as vented crawl spaces and unheated garages. Also, insulate:
- any portion of the floor in a room that is cantilevered beyond the exterior wall below; slab floors built directly on the ground;** as an alternative to floor insulation, foundation walls of unvented crawl spaces; extend insulation into joist space to reduce air flows.

5. Rim joists.

Insulation for Your Family

Is your attic or crawl space costing you money? Let our team of professionals come out and install high quality products that will save your home money.

Wall & Attic Insulation

We will help you insulate your walls using the best product for your insulation needs.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most versatile insulation.  With an R-value of 6.8 per inch (2 times all other products), it also adds tremendous structural integrity and creates a total air and vapor barrier at the same time. 



Placing insulation in the attic floor is usually easy, requiring only laying the material between the parallel joists of the frame.


Spray foam can help improve your comfort issues and energy inefficiencies by insulating your walls or ceiling.


Insulating your crawl spaces can greatly help with energy conservation and lower heating bills. 


The insulation of exterior walls is an expensive measure that requires the services of a contractor.



Insulating the basement can make a significant difference in comfort and energy use and adds to the living space of the home.

Insulation For Your Attic or Crawl Space

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